Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Serious Heartbleed Bug

SSL/eCommerce Website operator and User !!

Beware of the possible of Heartbleed !! 

This is a Serious alert and it have been all over the focus from expert around the world

This Heartbleed Bug is a Serious Vulnerability that affecting popular OpenSSL Software Library

SSL are used with Website with Serious user interaction and transaction using HTTPs protocol . Example such as and etc

from a Quote from
News and heading around heartbleed
" The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. This allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users."

 For now until it is fixed by most eCommerce/Website operators that doing serious transaction like banking/shopping website.  You should proceed with Care

A Quick check on the website address URL) using the following tools will give you some info if the website is vulnerable to heartbleed exploitations (meaning if you are subject to any risk transacting on given website)

Ensure the website you are transacting with showing this

It is not 100% secure even if you see https://  on the URL!!
Run a check

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How does / blogspot work with .MY Domain Name

We have Many Bloggers here in Malaysia having fantastic Bloggers. However , we found that many are wondering, what is required, and how to link it with a Malaysia domain Name ?  .MY / .COM.MY ?

Blogger does support custom domain name, which you can have a personalised, shorter domain name and buy straight inside your blog--> setting --> Custom Domain.

However, due to the Good Unique name availability in .COM , many good choices already been taken. and it you are blogger , many is exploring a country base domain name such as .MY.  However, it is not readily available for purchase right inside However getting the domain and connect it to your blog are relatively EASY !!

Just some pre-requisite you need to keep in mind.
1) Getting your domain name from any MYNIC authorised reseller. Ensure that they are providing FREE DNS services. Unlike .COM,   , .MY domain name required minimum 2 DNS server for registration and many company does not provide a DNS server unless you have an active web hosting account.

In Order to connect to your account, user are required to add 2 cname entries to the DNS server and it can only does it if you have a DNS service. is one of the Company here in Malaysia providing all inclusive setup and DNS services if you want to connect the domain to your blog and the service is free with every registration of domain name.

Sample errors without using
2) add a Cname entry to your domain that point to " "
Please note you can only point www. or any to and you simple cannot have the root domain . pointed to  In most case, the recommended is to point www.yourdomain to as one of the setting validation in blogger.

after done, you need to poing a 2nd set of CNAME entry  such as "asdasdaddsadad"  to
Setting will show when you click add , with
this entry is for authentication purposes to confirm that you own the domain name.

the unique code, can be found when you go to your blog, click setting, and scroll to custom domain below.

3) once done , dont forget to set a re-direction of all traffic to to with a wildcard re-direction. Otherwise people tends to use without www and it won't access any website.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Is the different Domain transfer in .COM vs .MY ?

I believe many .COM user are familiar with domain transfer simply means transferring between a Registrar to another Registrar. The objective basically allowing new registrar to take over all domain renewal/management and sometimes DNS hosting functions.

It is however different concept with .MY Domain Names (Malaysia)

for .COM , there are hundreds of Major Registrar and all moderated and governed by ICANN.  However, for .MY there are basically 1 registrar that are in charge of moderating and governing all .MY extensions , which is MYNIC Berhad (

under MYNIC , consider of 70+ Direct Reseller that have direct links to domain name system to register and approve domain name.

So in summary
ICANN --> Registrar --> Reseller --> Customer / Sub reseller

MYNIC --> Reseller --> Customer/ Subreseller

So from the above structure , you can see that .MY will have different process and naming for Domain Transfer/Renew

Domain Transfer 
In .MY terms, simply means by transferring domain ownership (rightful registrant) to another New Owners probably another Company . The process involving deleting the existing domain name and re-register under new Owners.  If a Domain still have a validation of 6 months, and after transfer, all remaining months will not transfer to new owner. The New Owner have to make new payment similar to the process of registering a new Domain.

How about Renewal with a different Company/Reseller ??
Renew of Domain name, do not required any Domain Transfer process like unlocking domain, requesting EPP code and etc and etc.

It is simply by login in to  , select "manage domain account " and change the invoicing party to the new Company you would like to make renewal payment.

Only the Administrative  or Billing Contact are allowed to make such changes. and if you are not sure who is your Administrative/Billing Contact , just simply make a whois at

Advantages of Malaysia Domain Name .MY

What are the Good Names available today ? Most People think about .COM for the first choice
However, there are several more advantages when getting a .MY domain Name

those examples are 
1) More Unique/special/Short Names still available today !! 
2) when google for Malaysia business/website such as Malaysia Computer Online store. the top 10 link appears on Google are actually .COM.MY .
example , even dell website shown are .COM.MY
More or less, google will attempt to find a Malaysia Business site that using country level code .MYs unless it is not available 
3) all Website with .COM.MY/.MY domain names are more Trust-able are authenticated by at least a Valid company registration No / Malaysia Personal Identification Nos. Suffice to say, there are least chance that someone anonymously will attempt to open up a website to cheat somebody.

this are among some of the goodies / / / / / / /

Register your Malaysia Domain now
short !! 
Easy to remember!! 
and while it is available !! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

What is .MY Domain Name

Malaysia Domain Name, .MY us the Country Code Top Level Domain or ccTLD for Malaysia
It is very much easy to remember as .MY similar to the english word  MY as in ME !!

The Registrar or the Entity in charge solely to provision , manage, billing, governing the .MY Domain name are MYNIC Berhad (  . It was once part of the MIMOS Berhad,

There are several domain name name under .MY open for registrations

As of 8/April/2014, it has a statistic of 204,800 Active .MY domain names