Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Bigdomain.my a .MY from only RM7.25 USD or RM29 only for First Year New Registration.

Bigdomain.my a Malaysia Domain Company Now offers a .MY from only RM7.25 USD or RM29 only for First Year New Registration. Foreign Company can opt to register via its Proxy Services available upon request

Malaysia Domain Name are very popular among Local Business and Foreign Businesses . The reason consist a few

1) Shorter Domain Name still widely available for registration. compare to .COM, it is only 340,000+ Domain registered as of April 2018
2) Domain name registrant identity are verified and there is no anonymity registration thurs better trust in domain user
3) It has better SEO values among users in Malaysia or Searching for Malaysian Business
4) it is Easy to pronounce and read  .MY as Dot My

The Promotion , Run from 1-May-2018 to 4-May-2018 8PM  @
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BigDomain.MY , a Malaysia incorporated Company with registration 1255428-V . Received 4-5 star Service Rating for quite a number of review sites. BigDomain was incorporate by Experience founder with more than 5 years in managing online business and domain name. with cumulative of experience handle more than 10,000 Domain name during the last 5 years


Bigdomain.my is located in Penang, Malaysia and is one of the key players in the local market offering both local and international popular domain names - such as .MY, COM, .ID - at a very competitive price. In addition, we come forward to respond to our clients’ needs by providing cost effective web hosting, web building with more than 200 free design templates, free SSL, Microsoft Office 365 licenses and much more.

Our team consists of Internet veterans that have behind more than 5 years of experience in helping SMEs grow and develop into fully established brands.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

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Monday, March 26, 2018

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Friday, March 2, 2018

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

a new beginning with Bigdomain.my

it has been slightly more than 1 year since Domainplus.com.my has been acquired by Exabytes,
It make sense to continue to do what I have been passionate about, launch something that can be truely different , that can use the innovation through cloud technology , to help local SME.

something like Bigdomain.my  .

Something that I like, and what I have been doing , is personally get to know business throughout this journey, getting excited together, learn , and be successful.

Bigdomain will promise more exciting product and services that we will continue to bring value to our partners, and customer.

will try to keep this blog updated and share more news

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Amazon Global Selling- Fulfilled by Amazon (Penang MDEC Amazon Even 15/Dec/2015)

Do you know how big a football field is? The length of a football field must be between 90m-120m, while the width has to be between 45m-90m. IT IS HUGE, ISN’T IT?

So, 1 football field is huge, how about 9 times of a football field?

Amazon Fulfillment Centre for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) has warehouse in the size of 9 times a football field and they even use robots (KIVA Robots) to store and pick up the products!

To be frank, I know nothing about Amazon, except knowing that it is an international online retailer; the phrase 'Amazon Fulfilment Centre' was like a new phrase to me. Only after the My Global Export program I understood that  Amazon Fulfillment Centre is being set up in different locations for a service named "Fulfilled by Amazon".

So I participated in My Global Export Program by MDec on 15 December 2015. It was a knowledgeable and wonderful experience to be with the speakers and all the other participants. 

Mr Zachary Zhou who is from Amazon gave us a very comprehensive information regarding Fulfilled by Amazon.

Have a look at all the concentrating participants! Mr Zachary not only had given a very informative talk but he also tried his very best in answering questions from us. The Q&A session was one of the interesting parts, as everyone of us was eager to know more and he got all our questions answered.

Look at the WRAP UP below and you should be briefly understand the gist of the service. 

Fulfilled by Amazon- SERVICES THEY PROVIDE

1.SHIPPING.  As an Amazon seller, you just need to ship your products to any of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre and your products will be stored in the centre till order received from customers. From the centre, they will ship the products to your clients and the shipment will reach around 2-3 working days

2. GOODS RETURNING. In case customers request for a product return, they can return it to the Amazon Fulfillment Centre instead of delivering it back to Malaysia. Then the returned goods will be managed by Amazon Fulfillment centre. 

3.LABELING AND BARCODE. Amazon Fulfillment Centre also provide labeling and barcode service if require. This lessen the burden of the seller as they can straight away deliver their products to Amazon Fulfillment Centre and Amazon will take care of the rest of it. 

4. CUSTOMER CARE LINE. Fulfilled by Amazon also provide customer care service line in multiple languages depending on your customer countries. 

5. DELIVER TO CUSTOMER FROM OTHER ONLINE CHANNEL. If you are an experience seller who already established your career in other e-commerce channel such as eBay, Fulfilled by Amazon can also help you to deliver your products to customers who ordered via eBay. As long as the customer is located at the area of the Amazon Fulfillment Centre that you have stored your products, Fulfilled by Amazon can always help you to deliver them. 

6. MARKETING STRATEGY. When you first register your Fulfilled by Amazon service, you will receive 50usd sponsored products credits. You can spend the 50usd to make sponsored (promotional) post on Amazon. You can always reload the sponsored products credit whenever you want. Besides that, sellers can also join Amazon Festive Promotion to put on discounted price to attract buyers. 

All in all, the Fulfilled by Amazon system can be explained in the image below:

Image credit to www.amazon.com

Fulfilled by Amazon- RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT

The revenue you earn from selling on Amazon will be transferred to a Payoneer account. It is a medium similar to PayPal which you can make money transaction online. 
Registering as a Payoneer member and as an Amazon seller, you will get a Debit card to use in Malaysia. So far there is no local bank in alliance with Payoneer but, according to the authority, Amazon is planning to work with a local bank so that Payoneer can directly make money transaction to bank in Malaysia. 

Image credit to www.payoneer.com

You may register your Payoneer account HERE

Fulfilled by Amazon- CHARGES 

In Fulfilled by Amazon, you pay as you go. It is cost effective and convenient. The charges are made based of the size and weight of your product, and you can always estimate the charges you have to pay by using FbA Revenue Calculator

Besides that, Mr Seck Hoe also shared his experience with us as one of the existing Amazon seller who uses Fulfilled by Amazon.

Look at how cheerful he was. He was very interactive with the audiences and even exchanged contacts with participants. In his speech, he shared with us his views as well as personal experience in using Fulfilled by Amazon. There were some pros and cons in using it, but to his words, the pros had certainly overpowered the cons.

At last, we would like to convey our greatest gratitude to Carol Fung for conducting My Global Export Pilot Program and making it a successful and fruitful seminar. Not forgetting our speakers Mr Zachary Zhou from Amazon and Seck Hoe who is one of the Amazon Seller. Looking forward to have more of this type of informative events in Penang! 

Let's end this post with our cheerful group photo.

For further information, please check out Boost Your Sales with Amazon's World Class Fulfillment.

By May :)

If you are a seller and hoping to extend your business market globally, go to Amazon Global Selling and the professionals will approach you ASAP to help you in expanding your business. 

Disclaimer: the information shared represented the writer's own experience and we accept no liability on the information shared. Use at your own risk and appreciate any notifications if errors in information.

All the image credits to www.amazon.com and Carol Fung's official Facebook page. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Building the Next Asia Top Domain Name Destination , a vision (updated 25-dec-2017)

There's is an updated post , Domainplus.com.my (HT Internet Sdn Bhd)  has been fully acquired by Exabytes since oct 2016


and Thus , as the founder of Domainplus  , handling this blogger account , we no longer associate with domainplus.com.my

However, with the vision continue to bring domain name affordable, and solutions for more SME , Users , we are launching new services under new brand -  Bigdomain.my

Please continue to Support us under 


Over the year, Domainplus.com.my by HT Internet Solutions, a Malaysia Penang based Internet Solutions Company, have grown out of passion of making Online for Business Affordable, besides that, we also aimed to become one stop Domain Registration Destination that make Domain Affordable to forge closer business relationship between internet Businesses to Own Asian/Country Domain Names

We are now Pushing Discounted Domain Offers on a Weekly Basis via selected channel such as Lowyatt Forum , WebHostingTalk and our Blog , http://malaysiadomain.name.my

Staytune for all our promos and Google Domainplus.com.my for more detail

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LEARN WebDesign with Host for FREE #BigDomain.my

【LEARN WebDesign with Host for FREE #BigDomain .my】 Please #LIKE and #Share Learn How to Create a Simple Website or eCommerce ...