How does / blogspot work with .MY Domain Name

We have Many Bloggers here in Malaysia having fantastic Bloggers. However , we found that many are wondering, what is required, and how to link it with a Malaysia domain Name ?  .MY / .COM.MY ?

Blogger does support custom domain name, which you can have a personalised, shorter domain name and buy straight inside your blog--> setting --> Custom Domain.

However, due to the Good Unique name availability in .COM , many good choices already been taken. and it you are blogger , many is exploring a country base domain name such as .MY.  However, it is not readily available for purchase right inside However getting the domain and connect it to your blog are relatively EASY !!

Just some pre-requisite you need to keep in mind.
1) Getting your domain name from any MYNIC authorised reseller. Ensure that they are providing FREE DNS services. Unlike .COM,   , .MY domain name required minimum 2 DNS server for registration and many company does not provide a DNS server unless you have an active web hosting account.

In Order to connect to your account, user are required to add 2 cname entries to the DNS server and it can only does it if you have a DNS service. is one of the Company here in Malaysia providing all inclusive setup and DNS services if you want to connect the domain to your blog and the service is free with every registration of domain name.

Sample errors without using
2) add a Cname entry to your domain that point to " "
Please note you can only point www. or any to and you simple cannot have the root domain . pointed to  In most case, the recommended is to point www.yourdomain to as one of the setting validation in blogger.

after done, you need to poing a 2nd set of CNAME entry  such as "asdasdaddsadad"  to
Setting will show when you click add , with
this entry is for authentication purposes to confirm that you own the domain name.

the unique code, can be found when you go to your blog, click setting, and scroll to custom domain below.

3) once done , dont forget to set a re-direction of all traffic to to with a wildcard re-direction. Otherwise people tends to use without www and it won't access any website.

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