Step by step guide - Cpanel 11.46 Paper lantern Email Account setup steps by steps

Have been really looking for a step by step guide with illustration to guide our client how to setup an email account after cpanel updated introduce paper lantern theme , and alot of icon changes been updated.

to avoid confusion, here's the latest step by step guide with latest screen capture

Pre-requisite :
keep Cpanel Login URL , Username and Password handy

To Start Create an Email Account

1) Login to Cpanel , you URL should be or similar. If your domain not yet ready, it will be an IP address like  Please contact your host to get the right information

After login to Cpanel , locate "Email" Section and Click on Account

 2) After login , Select Account

You should see below screenshot , and kindly complete the fill required like email address , password (a more complex one) , plus mailbox allow.

3) Once done , you should see the new email address appeared under email account section

to find out your setting for Outlook or similar Email Client for your PC , choose more and "configure email client" . You should see manual settings for your hosting specific settings similar to below

After these are done.

Below Screenshot , are captured base on an x3 theme , older cpanel interface , but the steps created are in orders like above. 

You can also visit Video tutorial provided by Cpanel below


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