a new beginning with Bigdomain.my

it has been slightly more than 1 year since Domainplus.com.my has been acquired by Exabytes,
It make sense to continue to do what I have been passionate about, launch something that can be truely different , that can use the innovation through cloud technology , to help local SME.

something like Bigdomain.my  .

Something that I like, and what I have been doing , is personally get to know business throughout this journey, getting excited together, learn , and be successful.

Bigdomain will promise more exciting product and services that we will continue to bring value to our partners, and customer.

will try to keep this blog updated and share more news

a new beginning with Bigdomain.my a new beginning with Bigdomain.my Reviewed by Gekko FutureTalk on December 24, 2017 Rating: 5

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